Small userbase? Try sending texts instead of drip emails to convert more customers.

Try texting users to convert sales instead of putting them on automated email lists — especially if your customer lifetime value is high.

Shane White (@shanefromfargo) of The Match Artist ($10,200/mo) originally used drip campaigns to communicate with potential customers. When he transitioned to texting them instead, 30% more converted to paying customers. Not the most efficient way to communicate, but the lifetime value of his customers justifies the personal touch. Just make sure you're clear in your messaging, since not every customer expects you to send them a text. And if you've got too many users to text personally, check out companies like MobileMonkey or SimpleTexting for automated SMS drip campaigns.

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    Most people don't have numbers for their email subscribers. We do use Signal for people to allow push notifications (from our site).

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    Interesting insight. Thanks for this!

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