SMS Journal - journal using your phone's native SMS app

I made a simple digital journaling solution that allows a user to journal from their phone's native SMS app by texting a phone number which will record the messages and sync them with your account on our webapp.

I decided to create http://www.smsjournal.me with the guiding principle in mind to minimize the steps to go from the inception of a thought to its recording. I did not want to have to pull paper and pen out, or go to the app store to download an app that would suck my storage space away. With these specifications in mind I eventually came to the conclusion that SMS would be the perfect way to fit these requirements. Nearly everyone has a phone and everyone that does have a phone definitely has a native SMS messaging app installed on it.

This is my first IndieHack :D any feedback would be much appreciated.

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    I don't understand the need for such an application for ordinary users. It can only be convenient for businesses, where they need to make a report by SMS. I don't want to offend you, but I have never needed such an application. The only thing I use from such apps is the auto reply to missed calls because I don't like to answer calls while working and get distracted. Sometimes people may call multiple times and then be offended that they didn't get an answer right away. Still, I have auto-reply recorded for them with the promise to call back when I'm free. It helps that I don't get bothered too often.

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    this is pretty cool! will give it a try

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