Sneak preview and feedback/validation wanted!

(Note: not a super interesting video, just a functional demo)

Logflume - Simply log anything, anywhere

I've been bored for the last week and have been sitting on the domain logflume.io for a year now so thought I'd try to put it to use. I wanted to build a logging platform with the premise of being as simple and flexible as possible.

The idea is pretty simple. You send a "key" (eg. "error", "fatal", "purchase", "test", ...etc) and a "message" (eg. "Error triggered from line 204 at 12:59:59", "Customer bounced after 0:23 seconds", "Purchase for $23.99", etc.) and it is logged and stored. As you can see you can log any key/value pair you want (this was not quite demoed in the video as I was using mock values). This allows you to use your logging for a wide variety of use cases and applications.

All you need to send a log is an HTTP POST request. This means you can log from anywhere, the client, the server, a terminal, a Raspberry Pi, a smart fridge, who knows! I don't want to limit you.

I want to provide all of this with super easy setup, very clean and minimal interface, helpful functionality like filtering/sorting/searching, and relatively cheap compared to some of the big brands.


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    I think technically, the backend and storage should be very easy and straightforward with ElasticSearch.

    The challenge is how you will present the logs in a meaningful manner. Maybe at least you should have some predefined presentational types like "app/sys logs", "financial record", "time log", "number gauges", etc

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    You could base this on the ELK stack which is open source, industry-strength and already has many connectors (not just HTTP but also Message Bus, Sockets, etc.), and is even available as ready-to-go docker images. Combine with user + sub + billing manager and you're pretty much done for an MVP. Challenge will probably be to present a USP or somehow make pricing cheaper than for a customer to deploy his/her own ELK stack in the cloud.

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    Would this also allow you to log time? It might be a nice use case to use this for logging and time tracking throughout the day.

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    When it actually comes to launching and creating a landing page, describe the benefits, not how it works. A simple curl code snippet will be enough to demonstrate how it works and apart from that I mostly want the landing page to tell me what makes this logging service special compared to others.

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