Snuffer - Landing page builder

Picture this: you get an idea and you want to see how people respond to it. So you build a landing page and send traffic to it. I did this about 6 times and got tired of setting up a new static site for every idea I had and/or sites for other people, and the sites basically all looked the same. So I built https://snuffer.co

It's a simple landing page builder that builds simple and responsive one-page sites. You can drag and drop a bunch of elements to build something you like, but you also have templates to choose from.

It includes integrations with mailchimp and getresponse, so in about 20 seconds you can setup a page and send traffic to it and see how people respond(by either signing up to your newsletter, or submitting other info into your form).

If you want to sell, there's also the option of setting up a page purely for converting and checking out with paypal or 2checkout. I want to put some more focus here in the future, as I do build "funnels" for some other projects of mine.

https://snuffer.co (this page is built with the app just like any user would)
Sign up: https://app.snuffer.co/platform
Blog: https://blog.snuffer.co/

There's a paid subscription, but I'm focusing on getting feedback right now, I will manually upgrade everyone that signs up :) the pricing you see isn't even final.

It's a laravel app with an angular backend. I have it running on a lightsail instance and shipping logs with logz.io for some sweet insights. I used beanstalkapp for continuous deployment.

I would love it if you used it for your next "MVP". Tell me what you'd like to change and if two people mention the same thing I'll get right on it :)

  1. 1

    Why would I use this over the gazillions of other landing page builders out there?

    Not trying to shit on your project, just genuinely interested as I am sort of in the market for this.

    1. 1

      Still finding the UVP, but the fact that I built it and use it, it saves me $200 per month by not having to use other services combined, that's all I wanted :)

      I just added a bunch of elements for "sales funnels" at it looks alright, already sending instagram ad traffic to it.

      The best thing I can offer right now is to tell you that if you use it and feel something is missing, I'll make an element or two just for you :)

  2. 1

    Your site has typos.
    Your site doesn't have any example, demo, or description of what are websites and how to create them.

    1. 1

      Man, it took me absolutely hours to find that one typo in the first line. I've added a "test" user that anyone can make use of with just a click.

      1. 1

        You could just ask me :) to avoid wasting so much time :))
        Oh, I see now, it's much better!
        Good luck!

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