So I built 4 projects within a month, what is next?

I am a full-stack developer by trade. By no means to brag about my technical capability, but I like to think I am a decent programmer.

After seeing so many successful stories on Indie Hackers, I told myself it is my time.

My time to build a lifestyle business, a nice side business that can generate some extra cash. Not to quit my job, not to become a millionaire.

The plan is to build a project each week, a project can be a product with a charging model or a free site that serves marketing purposes.

To prove to myself that this is something I am capable of it due to the time constraints.

I have built 4 projects within a month. All in my spare time, nights after work and weekends.

Sites like DevLogo and VonageUI are marketing sites according to my definition, these sites are for marketing purposes, and they serve to drive traffic, products like ServerPigeon and SummaryAI are SaaS products with charging model.

What do you think of my strategy? Feedback is welcome!

Interested in my Indie Hacker journey? Follow me on my Twitter https://twitter.com/staticmaker1 to check our upcoming products.

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