So I’m building a UI kit. What’s the most important feature to include?

So a few days ago I wrote a post here on Indiehackers announcing that I was going to build my first ever UI kit.

I’ve done HTML templates with BuildFaster.co a year ago but now I want to break into a different field of web design.

When I was working on BuildFaster I completely messed up. I didn't find a target audience nor did I find pain points that users have.

This time… I ain’t doing that.

No no no

To start off on the right foot, I’m opening it up to all by asking you this one question:

You see a hundred stunning UI kits lined up next to each other. If you had to pick one to purchase, what would the deciding factor be?

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    • Lots of blocks
    • Great templates
    • Basic components (buttons,navbars, tabs)
    • Clear docs
    • Built with TailwindCSS (flexibility)
    • Easy to contact support
    • Unique designs
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      Totally agree with all of the points you mentioned.

      Thanks for helping me out!

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    How about a modular one? There are various that give you specific blocks like headers, intro, footer and such, but what about one where you can mix and match various components to create something unique?

    Like instead of the FAQ section, just have singular FAQ dropdowns that open. This was people can use and customize them to their own preferences.

    It wouldn't be targeted to someone who has no experience in UI as they'd prefer block, and it wouldn't be targeted to professional front end developers either. It would instead be targeted to the audience that's in between that spectrum and often gets overlooked

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      Hmm, good points addressed too.

      I like the way you’re going. It may not fit in the area I’m going for this one, but I think on my next kit I’ll try that out.


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        Sure, good luck on your current kit!

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    I agree with @volkandkaya, he's on the money. After much resistance, I moved from Bootstrap to try Tailwind, and Tailwind UI has been a fantastic tool. I can see myself moving fully into this space.

    For context, I'm not a designer. In terms of software engineering - I would class myself as a fullstack developer, so a UI kit like tailwindUI helps move much faster.

    A UI kit of that spec, with more choice of components, designs/layouts and premade blocks, would 100% get my money. Is that what you had in mind?

    I saw your previous post, I'd be interested to see how you get on! Good luck.

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      Thanks, yep I was aiming towards that part of the wheelhouse.

      The same recurring aesthetic doesn’t help you stand out from the crowd so I’m on a mission to stop that.

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