Beta Testing July 3, 2020

So we've got 6 subscribers in 2 days - is this a good start for a newsletter?


Two days ago we've launched our first newsletter, It's a weekly Sunday news collection from all over Asia, directly from the source. We've got 6 free subscribers so far and no premium ones (even though it's only $5 a month!) - is this a good start? This is the first time I'm launching a newsletter so I don't know what to expect and where the road will go.

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    Hi Arthur, started my newsletter in May. Learning a lot here on IH. As Benjamin said, it takes time to build up an audience. I’m slowly building mine.

    In the very beginning, looked like I was writing to no one. Still looks like that sometimes. But the excitement of launching a new editon and seeing people saying how helpful your edition was, is priceless.

    I wouldn’t mind about metrics first, but ensure of what you’re writing is valuable. How?

    • Well, try to also write posts here on IH and see how people react.
    • Tweet to your audience and see reactions

    You can learn a lot from @AndrewKamphey

    Hope that helps

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      Appreciate it, man!

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    How much effort did you put in promoting your newsletter? Where did you post it? Did you advertise to your entire professional network? Most of all: do you know the people who subscribed?

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      Hey Benjamin, thanks for the questions!
      -- Effort: promoting it every day!
      -- Methods: mainly social media, Facebook, different subreddits
      -- I do not know the people who subscribed

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        It takes time to build up an audience (a lot of time). There might be some growth hacking tricks, but ultimately your product is still very young, and you need to persevere in providing relevant content.

        I would say try to understand who are your readers, what do they like about your newsletters, and make sure your content provides them value.

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          Great advice! Thanks a lot!