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So You Want Sponsors For Your Newsletter


  • Find Emails w/ Hunter
  • Add to a Google Sheet with a Google Form
  • Send email outreach with Gmail & Pigeon.
  • Save email sequences with Pigeon.
  • Automate the process with Zapier.

So you want sponsors for your newsletter.

You've told your subs, you're open to sponsors.
You've scoured other newsletters' ads.
You've signed up for marketplaces.
You've made a sponsor page.
You've made a media kit.

Now what?

I'll share with you exactly how I made $1k a month in sponsorships for my newsletter, for $109/month.

And you can do it all for free.

First, Get a google account.

Free if you use @gmail.com

I recommend a gmail account w/ your newsletter's domain.

So that's $6 a month. We'll get to $109 by the end.

Now you need to email people about your ads.

We'll search for companies. But then we need to get the email address of a real person. Get Hunter . io and Pay $49 per month to get 1,000 searches.

That's a total of $55 per month if you're keeping track.

You don't need that the first week. Because Hunter is free for 50 searches a month.

What's great about hunter is that you don't necessarily need to find exactly the right email address with Hunter. Use it to at least find the email address style. Make sure you find the person that is most likely to buy a sponsorship from your newsletter.

You'll want to find small companies with "founders" who do everything. Or you'll look for marketing managers at larger companies. It is literally their job to spend money on acquiring customers. Give them a good cost per click and they'll spend lots of $$$ with you.

Organize Your Data in a Google Sheet

Every single company you find.
Every single product you find.
Every single service you find.

Put them and their email addresses into a google sheet.

Simply do it with a Google Form. You can put the link to the google form into your chrome bookmark bar. I share with you later a tool I built that gets a you a bookmarklet to google form. Makes it super easy to do this.

You'll need 3 pieces of data in your google sheet: Name | Email | Company

Email 'em

Once you source your "leads" You need to email them. They are all in a google sheet. Now what?

Get a CRM that's already in your gmail.

Use Pigeon for Gmail

Full Disclosure: I've used Pigeon for the past year. Then I acquired it.


Install as a chrome extension for $29/month

Now we're up to $84 of $109 per month.

Copy your google sheet of emails, people and companies.

Paste it right into Pigeon, which is already in your gmail.

You'll send a quick email to all your "leads". Pigeon allows you to write a template and then send it again and again.

Automate The Process

Add in Zapier for $25 so that when you add an email and a company into your google sheet, It'll add it to Pigeon and send a saved email.

And now we're up to $109 per month.

What kind of email to send:

A short email

  1. Tell them a quick note about your audience.

  2. Express you're open to feature their product to your audience with an ad or a sponsorship.

P.S.: Ask them to subscribe to see if they like it.

You don't have to say much. I'd say more than a tweet length email. But only say what you need to say to start a convo.

Get in. Get out. Nothing more. You can always follow up. And here's the best part. You can do that with these tools all within Google Sheets, Gmail and Chrome browser.

You don't need to do a long sales process.

Recurring Costs

  • Gsuite: $6
  • Hunter: $49
  • Pigeon: $29
  • Zapier: $25

Total: $109

Start Free

And each of the above have a free plan. With the free plan of each you can send 10 emails a week. With the paid plans you can send 100 emails a week.

If you make $0 from your newsletter now, sign up for the free plans. Once you make $109 from this process upgrade for one month. Only keep paying if you make more than $109 per month.

If you want more details check out the full twitter thread

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    Hey @AndrewKamphey, great post. I'm getting to the point in my newsletter that I'm going to start to reach to sponsors for it and this process might become handy to me.

    I'm also building a separate product for this, and starting with these parts for now:

    You've made a sponsor page.
    You've made a media kit.

    Plus billing the sponsor part. But I can see some other parts of your flow that could be added to the platform later on 😉

    If you are interest you can sign up for the beta, would love to give you a tour and hear your thoughts! https://getsponsy.com

    P.S. Something I do to that saves me the $6/month from gmail (per project) is using this tool (https://forwardemail.net) to forward emails to my domain and then configure gmail to use an alias to send emails from it. Super easy to set up and free to use!

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