Social login VS Password

Recently I launched a micro-SaaS called beew.io and, to make development faster, the only way users can sign up is by using Google Auth.

I'm concerned that many users don't use social login and prefer a more traditional email+password authentication. At the same time, I don't want to waste days building the authentication flow.

What is the percentage of users in your projects that use password authentication? What about yourself?

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    I prefer email and password. You won't believe, I have account on Instagram, Fb, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more.

    Basically most of the time people prefer Email and password option for sign up rather than social media.

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    Hi Caio,

    At Growform, it's about 60:40 Google social sign-in comparer to email. This is probably slightly high as most of my traffic comes from Google.

    Love your attitude on keeping things slim, but unfortunately I think you gotta just build this one!

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      Yeah hahaha

      I asked the same question on Twitter and 56% of people voted for Email + Password.

      That sucks. xD

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    Personally I only use email signups and do so intentionally as I don't want my auth accounts that I use personally to expose my main email to service providers, I'd rather have my spam/account signup/newsletter inbox used for that.

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