Social Media tipping!

Just launched Tip Me (https://cptip.me). Users can get a link that they can drop in their social media profiles and posts or anywhere you can add a link. Others can then use the link to give them a tip of a few cents as appreciation for a post/video/meme/other with just 1-click. No forms. No entering CC information. Just click and done.

For people who want to add something to a page they control, such as a blog, we also have a "Virtual Tip Jar" (on https://www.centipenny.com) that you can add to your page with a few lines of code. Users can leave a tip without leaving the page.

Please share with any creators/influencers you know.

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    That's a nice idea but I don't think it has a great intention or thought.

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      I am curious as to why you think that.

      For creators/influencers, it allows for direct audience monetization from social media platforms. Sure, it isn't likely to do much with your average tweet, but for someone who spends hours (or weeks) creating a video, people might be willing to give them $0.05 or $0.25 if it is fast and convenient.

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    Here is my link so you can see what it looks like live:


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