Software Dev Partner Needed For Saas B2B Product

Hey Everyone,

I work in an industry where all the existing B2B Saas are old and clunky. I found a customer whose team uses Excel/email to manage their end to end process. He has been helping me build an MVP and is confident he can get budget of $10k-$30k/yr once it's something his team can get their hands on. Tools in this space frequently cost $50k-$100k/yr.

I'm about halfway through development of the MVP. I'm working with a freelance developer who is doing a great job but I want a technical Founder that can help build this into a company.

I also have other interested customers that would consider being early trial users. Email me if you would be interested in partnering up in this - looking for a equity partner that we could build this into a successful business.

Or hit me up on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jrmandell/

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    Hey Jonathan, this sounds interesting. What tech stack are you working with?

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      The MVP is being built in Rails. But long term, I'm open.

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    Hey there,

    This sounds intriguing and depending on the commitment I might be able to help out.

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      Would love to chat in that case. Email me?

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    Are you only looking for engineers to join? I am a PM with experience in B2B SaaS looking for side projects.

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      At this point, that is the most pressing need. But always open to a quick conversation just to get to know one another.

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