Software Engineer looking for partners

About me

Hi, I'm Diego! I've been working in programming since 2007 and I'm currently living in UK. For the last 6 years I've been working on a start-up based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.

First and foremost, I consider myself a problem solver. I'm a techie at heart and I enjoy using technology to help materialise ideas.

I joined Indie Hackers earlier this year and that motivated me to build things outside my 9-5 job. Recently, I had an idea for a project but didn't pass the validation stage since I couldn't find a market for it.

Perhaps not relevant but I'll be moving down to Birmingham in the next couple of months.

My Tech Stack

In more recent years I've worked with:

  • Programming Languages: Javascript/Typescript, Python, Kotlin.
  • Web development: React.JS, Redux, CSS, Webpack, Node.js, Express, Django.
  • DevOps: Github Actions, Docker, CI/CD in general.
  • Cloud providers: Google Cloud Platform, Vercel, Digital Ocean.
  • Mobile Development: Android, React Native.

My knowledge of CSS is decent but I've recently focused more on the backend side of things.

What I'm looking for

I'd be interested in meeting a partner(s) -- in marketing, tech, or other areas -- to build something together, whether they already have an idea or not.
I feel more attracted to projects with a goal of creating positive impact but I'm open to ideas.

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    Hey Diego, I'm in a similar boat to yourself and looking for something impactful to work on. I'm probably more UX, marketing, sales biased but with a strong skillset in tech right up to pure coding. Have a couple of prototypes I've built in the health and eductech space that I could take you through if you're interested :)

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    A healthy amount of replies you have here! 💪

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        I dropped your an email, it would be great to have a chat.

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    Hi Diego, you sound like just what I'm looking for!! Good to see some UK talent on here also! I'm based near Manchester. Anyway, I have a super cool idea I need a dev for, I can handle everything else, DM if it sounds like your gig.


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      Hey Dan, thanks for the reply. yeah, it's great to see people from the UK engaging here. I don't see your twitter/email on your profile. My email is [email protected]

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    Hey Diego! I'm open and willing to brainstorm some ideas and think of some products we could work on together. I'm a self-taught developer currently working at a large tech company (US time zone) as a back-end engineer (< 1 year experience), but my background is in business/finance.

    Feel free to DM me!

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      Thanks for replying @AggravatingGoose! How can we get in touch? I don't think you can DM people here.

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    Hi, Diego!

    Just to clarify: do you think you could fit into a "Hacker" role in an early-stage, time-consuming, non-vc-funded startup?

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      Thanks for the reply. For the time being I need to keep my 9-5 job, so i'm looking for a side project to work on nights and weekends.

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    Hola Diego! Sounds great, my background is in marketing, sales and business development... (basically all everything growth). I really like that you’re in UK so we can have a friendly time-zone (I am based in Spain 🇪🇸).

    I’ll DM you on TW

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      Thanks for the reply @Isabela, sounds good.

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    Hi Diego, I've emailed you - just saying in case it hasn't been delivered.

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    Hello I am CS student but I am shitty/jugadoo coder(on the other hand if I have big picture of what I want to do I can do it really good!), I have better writing and marketing skills if you have something to work on I can help

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      👍🏼Thanks csjay08

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    Hello, i want to get the taste and feel of working or collaborating in a start up and having to build things. My tech skills is pretty much on the developing stage. if you dont mind, how to we connect?

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      Hi @Wamiik thanks for the reply! It's always good to connect with other people in tech. My email is [email protected]

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    Im also looking for something similar to you. How would you like me to message you?

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      Hi Thanks for the reply, my email is [email protected]

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