Software engineer looking for side hustle

I'm an experienced software engineer who has previously worked at Twitter and Amazon. I would like to team up with someone on a side hustle that has the potential to turn into something big.

I have experience doing backend, frontend, APIs, database design, etc.

If you're someone who has deep domain knowledge of a particular area, maybe we can collaborate on something!

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    Looking for Co-Founder to partner up with.....
    We have a revolutionary model we are building for PERSONAL DATA and empowering the world's population.

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    I have a revolutionary model we are building for personal data and empowering the world's population.

    Looking for a co-founder

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    Hi Rashiko,

    I'm building Pitchdesk.app - The presentation studio for building, collaborating and deploying creative decks, in no time at all. (www.pitchdesk.app)

    We are at the MVP stage, currently with a CTO and looking for an experienced developer to join our team. Inbox if you'd like to set up a call.

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    I am looking for a techie co-founder for my Privacy based collaboration tool. Let me know if you want to discuss further

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    I'm looking for co-founder dev. Let me know if you are interested. I looking to build an MVP in niche area. Let me know if you want to chat more.

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      I'd definitely be interested in hearing more about your idea. You can reach me at [email protected]

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        Thanks, Will reach out to you soon.

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    Im currently at Disney as a Senior Software engineer and previously worked at AWS. Hit me up if you want to partner up.

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      Lets Go!!!!

      I am looking for a co-founder to level the playing field for people and empowering them with personal data...

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      Hi! Sure, would love to connect. Maybe we can bounce some ideas off of each other. Where are you located?

      You can reach me at [email protected].

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        Sounds good, do you have Linkedin, by any chance?

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      I read your post. Congrats on getting $1K MRR! That's quite a feat! Curious, what would be the arrangement be for the CTO role? Are you looking for someone full time?

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        Thanks! Yes, it has taken quite some time to get here.

        I'm not full time myself, this is a side hustle for me :) In terms of arrangement, open to discussing. Drop me a note to [email protected] if you want and we can chat?

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    It was a small side hustle and we found crazy potential so did the 400+ people on our waitlist! We are actually on the hunt for a technical co-founder to join us at this stage. We are super early huge room to grow!
    DM me - https://twitter.com/VeerajMehta3

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