Sold all of our founder plans, now at $413 MRR

It's been a crazy 3 months. In June, I launched the MVP for my startup SEOCopy.ai. Since then, I've listened to user feedback, launched new features and sold all 20 of our initial founder pricing plans.

Sales haven't always been consistent though. Traffic/sales dipped for a whole month whilst I was busy building our latest (and greatest!) feature, the Blog Post Generator. This feature was heavily requested, and has proved to be a huge hit, with more than 35% of total sales coming after it was launched only last week. I have no regrets about the initial dip in conversions, as I knew it would ultimately pay off.

How I've marketed SEOCopy in the last week

When launching the new Blog Post Generator feature, I knew I had to think about how I was going to capitalise on it and get more users signed up. Firstly, I set up a 100% AI Generated Blog, with all copy in the blog being 100% generated by the AI. This in itself gained decent traction when showcasing on Twitter, as well as posting on IndieHackers and Reddit respectively.

Secondly, I built an Open Startup Page. I'm a big believer in being transparent with money/data, and that's why I also love building in public. Everything is out in the open, both wins and failures. Launching this page was a win-win scenario. It satisfied my want to become an "Open Startup", as well as acting like a decent marketing tool for bringing people to the site.

To sum things up, I've learned more about building a product in these last 3 months than I have in my whole professional career, and I'm excited to keep learning as things progress. I have cool features/marketing ideas planned over the coming weeks and months, so no doubt I'll be posting here again soon.

TLDR: Launched SEOCopy.ai in June, grew to $413 MRR, built a Blog Post Generator and I'm excited about the future.

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    Hey Richie, just tried the new Blog Post Generator. I was pleasantly surprised because I didn't actually read this blog and tried it out.

    As someone who's used a few GPT3 and AI based software to create content, i am quite impressed by some of the writing from your software and glad i'm on the founder's plan!

    Just a request, is there a way to make the output of the blog longer? I tried to create a top 10 listicle, and i only got to #3 and #7 but other than that it's pretty impressive. The generate copy is one of the smoothest writing styles i've seen yet by an AI

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      Hey Darryl, I'm pleased that you had a good experience! 😊 that's great to hear.

      Right now - there's currently no way to make an individual generated section longer unless you click the "Regenerate this section" button and it hopefully generates longer copy, or you click the "Edit section" button and manually add new copy.

      Another way right now would be to keep clicking "Generate more subheadings" when you're at the subheadings stage, select more subheadings than you were originally going to, and from there you can manually combine copy from different subheadings to create longer sections of copy.

      Feel free to reach out to me on my Twitter (@richiemcilroy), more than happy to give you some more insight/assistance in getting the most out of the platform.

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    Congrats on the achievement so far!

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    This comment was deleted a month ago.

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        I apologise for my comment. It was completely inappropriate.

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