Solo founders, how do you socialize at work? Any experience with something like a virtual office buddy?

I posted a kind of unusual request in the Looking to Partner Up group, looking for someone who wants to "virtually work alongside" me in a way, sharing progress and updates, and discussing challenges from time to time without really working on the same project together.

I was wondering whether some of you have experience with such exchanges. Maybe it's common to do, and I didn't know before, or perhaps it never works, and that's why no one is doing it.

How do you cope with primarily working alone as a solo founder? Hanging out in coworking spaces a lot? In my experience, the conversations there are often relatively shallow and with Covid, that's not even an option now (at least where I live).

How do you "socialize at work" as a solo founder?
  1. I don't. It's just me, myself, and I.
  2. I rely on communities like Twitter and Indie Hackers.
  3. My friends are all hackers as well, so I just talk to them.
  4. I have something like "virtual office buddies".
  5. Great question! I'm looking for a solution as well ...
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    Co-working spaces! Definitely a more expensive option but the payout (both for mental health and networking) is fantastic.

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    I won't consider myself a founder yet, I am just trying to find a niche to fit myself in or look for someone to partner with.

    But most times I just hang around on twitter to try connect with like minds.

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      Yeah, I think I should give Twitter another try. Use it as kind of a news source since many years, but never actively engaged a lot.

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    I voted for the last one, and for me is a problem I also have pending to solve, however one friend of mine is also a builder, I have friends from previous corp jobs and I started working at a coworking space which helps a lot.

    However I am missing the startup/growth mindset kind of people of who I read about on the internet. Not sure if such people is real or that is yet another legend like the mythology of silicon valley.

    I will check your post requesting partner, let's see but I am still in a pre-founding phase.

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      My friends from previous corp jobs just moved to the next corp job (as did I 😅). Totally with you on the pre-founding phase, think I should’ve said „solo hackers“. Wouldn’t consider myself a founder either, as I haven’t launched anything yet.

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