Some simple steps to make your products more ethical

Hi all,

I've been researching and putting into practice ethical design for the last few years, I've written a blog post sharing a few simple things we - as designers developers, developers and entrepreneurs - can do to make our websites and digital products more ethical.


I hope this article provides some useful inspiration for some of you. I'd love to hear any feedback from anyone who checks it out.


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    Great article mate. Thanks for providing such deep insights regarding design ethics.
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      Cheers, thanks for the kind words :)
      I didn't see you on the subscriber list, so I think you still need to confirm your email address. The email could be in your spam folder.

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        I tried once again, but has not received any confirmation email yet. I checked spam folder too.

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          Ah, looks like an issue with Convertikit, which I'm using to collect emails. Working on a fix, but no worries I found your email on your IH profile and added you manually :)

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