Some takeaways from announcing something

I've started to announce that my desktop app, "Today", has been accepted on the Mac App Store and you can buy it.

As a "solopreneur", now that the development work is done, it's time now to do the marketing. So I've created a LinkedIn page and started to announce it there and in my LinkedIn and Twitter feeds. There is a couple of things happening:

  • I'm connecting with a lot of new people on these networks, and this is important because I was struggling creating an audience. Now I can see some dots being connected... you don't have audience because there is nothing to show, so build something and you will be able to market it. Future releases and products will be enhanced by happy customers from now on.

  • The second thing is actually publishing the 1.0 refilled my batteries like anything else before. Finish something gives you energy for the next version/product, so if you need to read this... ship it! and celebrate these little victories :)

Have a nice week everyone!, and good vibes for your products from the Canary Islands! 🌋

  1. 2

    Congrats.. don't forget to include a link to your app when posting! :) Some people are interested but lazy :)


    1. 1

      Thanks @TonyDehnke, next time I'll do it! 🤩

  2. 1

    Looks cool. Is there a way to try before buy?

    1. 1

      Thank you for asking @Primer, I've just added a demo version that you can download from the website (there is now a "Demo" link on the navbar).


      The demo is limited to just one project. I hope you like it! 🤞🏻

      1. 1

        Awesome. Thank you. Now I've had a chance to play with it I'm definitely going to buy it. Probably wouldn't have without the demo.

        1. 1

          Totally agree, "there is no buy without a try" :)

          Shout me if you need anything. Thank you!

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