Legal, Tax, and Accounting July 30, 2020

Someone trademarked the name of my product (SaaSHub) – should I be worried?

Stan Bright @StanBright

Hey fellow makers, I have the following case: I've been running SaaSHub since 2014; however, I just noticed that someone had trademarked the term "SaaS Hub". Should I be worried?

I read (on the Internet :)) that if I have been using a top-level domain before a trademark had been filled, they shouldn't be able to claim the domain name. It would be nice if someone with similar experience or just knowledge in this field sheds some light.


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    Didn't Google loose a case like this for their claim to the "" domain back in the early 2000s?
    I do not see how they can lay claim to your business or domain in any way but I think you will be restricted in how much you can expand.
    Anyway, I'm not experienced in this or any similar legal matters so I hope someone who knows the right stuff responds.

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