Looking to Partner Up February 16, 2020

Someone who has made an email course or product

Michael Buckbee @mbuckbee

So I was trying to make a SAAS to do quality control of email newsletters (finding broken links, images too big, etc.) Turns out that was a bad idea, but along the way of making that I made a little subject line tester that everybody loved.

It gets around 300 email professionals signing up for it every week. It's tested well over half a million subject lines, ranks #1 for lots of email marketing related searches.

I'm not making any money with it and my other work has really drifted away from this (my focus is really on https://expeditedsecurity.com).

When I shut down the SAAS I made the whole domain the subject line tester and made a
few half-hearted attempts to get sponsors or something.

I regularly get low-ball offers to buy the service from places that I wouldn't feel right selling to.

My dream would be to find someone who has an existing "How to improve your email marketing" course that I could promote on the site on a rev share basis, as I'd like to avoid making it myself.

Open to ideas from the community if there is something better to do with the site.

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    1. Create an API which implements your algorithm
    2. Create an open source Outlook plugin which extends the Outlook Rules mechanism, so that the marketing email can be pushed to a different inbox sub-folder after consulting your API.
      Note that some people are not so technically experienced, so you need to create some intuitive UI for Outlook plugin setup (entering credentials, and select options...).

    For anyone who wants to use it, charge 5$ per month. I would sign up at once.
    To ensure that is a good idea, create a Facebook campaign to make some presale, or try crowdfunding.

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    Seems like a golden opportunity!