Songbox breaks £1000mrr ($1378)

Just a frew weeks ago I posted that Songbox broke $1000usd MRR - well today it broke that same milestone in my own currency, UK Pounds.

Honestly astonished... I'm still not marketing Songbox. It's all 100% organic growth.

Anyway I just wanted to share. Next update at $1500.

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    Congratulations! And cool product

    Anything in particular that triggered the big increase in growth rate in the past year?

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      Yeah at the start of last year i was at a cross roads with the product. I was going to either let it go OR really hammer it for a few months; and by "hammer it" i mean really work on all the user journeys, the UX, the feature set, as I knew there were more than a few areas that weren't up to scratch.

      I did that - burst my arse for a few months working evenings and weekends to make all my experiences something i could really be proud of. I also refined the pricing to make it more simple ($10, $20 and $30).

      When these two things were complete, the same amount of people signed up (give or take) but they started to hang around and not quit after a month.

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    You my dude have been smashing it! Congrats and well deserved, seeing all these years and times you put into it! I've suggested you to one of my friends who is an aspiring musician and he thinks it looks great!

    What do you feel was your biggest reason for the organic growth? What lessons have you learnt that you'd use in your future projects?

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      Thanks a lot, I appreciate that.

      I can only put the organic growth into the fact that google likes me. I worked SO SO hard on my homepage; testing copy over and over; making fantastic product images; really working on optimising page load times etc

      I know nothing about SEO but I've been told by people who do that my copy is close to perfect in that its easy to read and understand. Just simple, layman's terms explanations. Apparently google likes that.

      Lessons I've learned? I guess after what I've just said it's obvious that I've learned a lot about homepage design and copy writing. I'd definitely take that into future projects.

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    Congrats mate, from a fellow 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 indie hacker

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      Haha cheers man. Great to see another Glasgow boy on here!

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    Congrats! You are giving me hope that my app will be able to find customers, if something as unique like Songbox can make $1000+ mmr!

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    Really brilliant news Mick, you couldn't be more deserving of this. Well done!

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      Cheers Glynn!

      Btw to anyone reading this, Glynn is a SHIT HOT developer; a REAL developer that isn't bound by language or stack. I've worked with him on various projects over the past 10 years or so.

      He helped me out on Songbox by writing the code that processes the audio waveforms so that when you upload a track, a visual waveform is created and saved to the DB as a json object. Way beyond me.

      Check him out if you need ANYTHING done that involves code, automation, architecture or anything software related really:


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        Ha, you're way too kind, thank you!

        My business is niched-down pretty hard these days, but if anyone ever wants to talk about Symfony (PHP framework) or HashiCorp / SaltStack (ops tools), I'm always ready for a chat :)

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    Congrats man, that must feel amazing! By the way, what happened with the bandwidth ? Did you manage to fix it ? I'm on my way to launch a small web app myself but I feel like, if it actually goes off, let's say 10/15 users for the first 3 months, I might get the exact same problem : (

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      Thanks man - and no the bandwidth issue hasn't been resolved yet but i really wouldn't worry about it. The reason I'm having these issues is because the belgian government is using it for some national arts project and I am getting SHITLOADS of usage. You're not gonna have an issue with 10/15 users.

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    Awesome man, congratulations!
    Did you use any growth strategy to generate traffic from Soundcloud? I'm wondering because we wanted to make Soundcloud scrapers with Phantombuster last year. It didn't happen but I had a feeling it could be a big source of leads for music products like Songbox.

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      Hey thanks a lot. No I didn't use any strategy like that at all. All i did was build something that people who were "settling" for Soundcloud might prefer, and it looks like some of them have.

      I'm not a Soundcloud competitor though, really. There is a subtle difference in that Soundcloud is a "discovery" platform (people post there hoping to get famous), whereas Songbox is absolutely not about discovery. It's very focussed on privately sharing audio with a known recipient or recipients.

      The difference is key; it seems that some people were using soundcloud for this purpose but it was kinda pushing a square peg into a circular hole. Whereas Songbox is purpose built for that private sharing experience.

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        I totally get the idea and it's a great one!

        What I meant is that 10 years ago I was into music and I got tons of contacts/followers from soundcloud. If you're looking for places to talk with producers and labels and let them know about Soungbox, Souncloud might be a huge source of targeted, easy to reach out, warm leads.

        My 2 cents ;)

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          Do you mean just like cruising soundcloud and DMing folk via their profiles? Never really thought of that before but it's good idea. Thanks!

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            Step 1 would be to do this manually, get a feel for what works, what doesn't.
            Step 2 would be automating it by scraping public emails in profiles, adding them to a mailing-list, and shoot.
            The better you master step 1, the better step 2 results will be.

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    That's really cool ! Do you know which keywords bring you the converting traffic ?

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      Anything around "share music privately" / "share audio privately" etc. I'm top of google for most searches like that - which i still have no idea how that happened lol.

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        That's very nice, you'd probably want to double down on SEO as an acquisition channel as it seems untapped in your niche !

        best of luck

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    Congrats! I spent sometime reading Songbox journey oh IH and check out your website. It seems like you have done away with the one-time plan of 3/6/12 months? (or did I just miss it on the website)

    Curious on your thought process behind this.

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      Thanks! and yeah no-one took out a one time subscription. It was online for months and didn't get a single taker. So i just shitcanned it and made the page cleaner.

      1. 1

        Thanks for your reply. Love your transparency and it's very motivating! Hope all the best for Songbox :)

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    Congrats, keep it up!

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    Congrats, Mick! Onwards and upwards!

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    🎉Congrats @Primer. What’s your top 3 advice to trigger such 🔥 organic growth ?

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      I worked REALLY REALLY hard on the homepage. Refined the copy to death. Created (in my opinion) amazing product images, really worked on pageload speed etc.

      That helped me get to the top of google on highly specific search terms.

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      Interested in what worked for you as well, especially because it seems you are on a trajectory for a nice hokey-stick growth.

      Was it more about changes to the product itself or to your marketing strategies?

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    good for you! keep going!!!!!!!! yay!

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    So cool to see it keep growing!

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    I've seen your posts around, happy for you.


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    Congratulations for that milestone achievement.

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    Wow, that just goes to show how long it takes to take off.

    Jan 2017 meaning you made your first dollar in 2017?


    It looks like you're on a good trajectory now, so just keep it up.

    If you just draw a linear line up from here, which is a reasonable extrapolation to make, you'll hit $10k MRR in no time.

    1. 1

      Not quite - first dollar in Nov 2018


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    Congratulations on this growth! Even more impressive that this is all organic! Have you planned on working on the marketing aspect at some point?

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    What happened between 2017 and 2020?))

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    Congrats Mick! I still distinctively remember you from way back in 2017/2018-ish, you were asking a lot of questions I was also often thinking about at the start of my journey and during many times, also had the same struggles that I had. It felt great having someone in the same boat, so to say!

    Glad to see that our revenue graphs are starting to look very similar too :) Classic hockey stick!

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