Songbox - Second public testimonial from a famous musician

A couple months ago Bryan Adams (yes THEE Bryan Adams) was gracious and kind enough to give me a public testimonial for Songbox.

Last night, Noel Hogan who is the guitarist and main songwriter for The Cranberries did the same.

I am so pleased that these behemoths of the music industry have put their trust into Songbox and their name to it also.

Talk about social proof? I feel like this is social proof on steroids. I'm hoping this will have an affect on conversions. If not, it's a good story to tell.

There are a lot of arseholes in the music industry but can i just say that Bryan Adams and Noel Hogan are absolute legends!

  1. 4

    Congrats mate!
    I’ve often read your posts when I’ve been on indie hackers. Good job.

  2. 3

    Wholy macarony! Awesome stuff! I would say this is pretty big - congrats!

  3. 3

    ayee bryan adams summer of 69 is such a banger

    1. 2

      haha it really is!

  4. 3

    And a Canadian legend might I add! Congrats that's pretty awesome, these are definitely some heavy hitters in terms of social proof.

    1. 2

      Canada have so many amazing bands and musicians!

  5. 2

    now, thats awrsome. congrats man.

    if my mom would besn indiehacker, you would be her hero, that's for sure. Se is huuge fan of Bryan Adams.

    enough with mom.

    from here to the sky Mick.

  6. 1

    This is so cool! Congrats 👏

  7. 1

    Good lord those are heavyweight testimonials. Congrats.

  8. 1

    Grinding is paying off! Good job dude

  9. 1

    Never heard of him, but congrats anyways!

    1. 3

      why even bother saying the negative stuff?

    2. 1

      You’ve never heard of The Cranberries??

  10. 1

    Ahh, so nostalgic.

    "Everything I do, I do it for you." ❤️

    And of course 90s classic hits like "Zombie" and "Linger."

    Great job getting their testimonials.

    I'm low-key jealous. 😆

  11. 1

    congrats, that's a big deal! your hard work is paying off. and yes, regardless of the conversions, it's a great story. more importantly, you helped someone.

  12. 1

    Congrats Mick, that's huge. Mind to share how it happened?

    1. 2

      Sure. It’s not a very exciting story but ill make another post about it.

      1. 1

        It is so great to watch SongBox climb. Congratulations!

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