Sources of funding for bootstrapped business

Having been on the bootstrapping path a few times in the past with both e-commerce and software projects, I'm now into helping fund those projects that do not fit the box of traditional VCs or major revenue-based funding providers. I'm struggling though as there are just so many great businesses out there and there is only so much I can do by myself. I've been part of the syndicates and angel networks before but currently I'm mainly providing debt financing which is flexible and doesn't require any equity from the founders at all. Are there any other indiehackers and/or like-minded bootstrappers that are doing the same ? I'd like to join forces to make even a bigger impact.

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    Foundeepath.com can be good source to get fund for your booststrapped products. But I have not tried myself so i dont know exact pros and cons of partnering with them.

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      Thanks, indeed, I've seen Nathan Latka launching this product a while ago... Will look into it properly.

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    Think RBF is not really a deal-breaker or game-changer to be honest, considering you are taking interest and principle from the top-line revenue (instead of profits - but early for indiehackers its rather about being able to go full-time). There are better and more flexible options with Calm capital / TinySeed etc. Overall it fits larger scale profitable businesses, but if I would have to take money early in my journey it wouldn't be debt.

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      thanks @sokirill, I agree that Calm Company fund, TinySeed and the likes are a great source of initial funding at the very early stage when your revenue is very small or even pre-revenue (appreciate their preference is to deal with post-revenue). However, once you're on a fairly stable path of generating revenue with a robust growth rate I don't necessarily see the danger of getting debt funding as long as it's affordable for the business. I would agree though that taking debt to go full time probably isn't such a great idea but it could be an additional aid on top of Calm Company funding for instance (and I've seen Tyler partnering with RBF providers for some of the companies they support).

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