Spectrum - a tool I'm building that applies color palettes instantly to anything- right there in the browser!

  1. 2

    Good idea and fun to explore - but I hate the weird navigation of the site that scrolls sideways because it's unnatural to laptop/desktop!

    1. 3

      I will have to second this.

      It also made me close it..

    2. 1

      Thanks for the feedback. A few other people also pointed this out, I'm rethinking the scroll UX, will update that soon.

  2. 1

    It's very cool but swap out the box that says "hello" where people can talk to you and replace it with an email address collector for launch announcements - I was literally there and liking it and I had no way to tell you to keep me informed when it launches. Build a pre-launch waitlist following by grabbing email addresses !!

    1. 1

      That's a really nice suggestion. I actually had an email box before launching this current version. I should probably continue that till updates keep releasing.

      1. 1

        you can literally compare website visits to email waitlist sign-ups as you display updates and if the ratio of visits to sign-ups improves with each update you are already being able to crudely track increasing or decreasing interest/PMF.

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