Speed of iteration is critical when you try to build a product with great UX

A personal real-life example, is my website where I publish all the UX tutorials and playbooks I create every week (jimzarkadas.com).

Behind the scenes, I use super.so and notion.so, and I ended up deploying UX
and content improvements every single day for multiple times in a few seconds.

In my opinion great UX is the goal and iterations is the path to get there.

That's why I think twice before I choose my tech-stack. The 1st priority should be speed of iteration in my opinion.

Modern fancy libraries and all these stuff are really cool but in real-life they can hold us back sometimes. 🙂
For example at first I wanted to use GatsbyJS with Tailwind and do everything custom and beautiful in terms of UI/UX but I would compromise the speed of iteration. This is a tech stack I am planning to use once the value I will get out of these improvements is higher than the freedom I have now using Notion.

What's your strategy and opinion on this?

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    Big fan of Next.js, Material UI, Firebase, and Stripe for building SaaS apps and I make it easier to spin up this stack with my product. That said, I always recommend that people go with that they know. Only jump to a modern stack if you want to learn something new and okay with it taking a bit longer at first. I'm also using Notion/Super (docs.divjoy.com). Even though I'm biased towards code, pretty unbeatable combo for simple sites :)

    1. 2

      I've been following your story with divjoy man it's really inspiring! Keep it up and thanks for sharing your thoughts on this :)

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    Speed of iteration is highly important indeed. Once you execute, you can always keep perfecting the idea and improve it drastically.

    Infact, just last week I saw a product that literally created their FAQ section using Notion.

    I was stunned and impressed at that moment. More than the UX, I was happy to see the kind of execution they had done.

    1. 1

      Yeap, Notion is such a beautiful and useful tool to have in your workflow!

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    Different tools for different stages is the most important imo.
    Good to have regular checkins planned on this upfront.

    1. 1

      Great point! A product goes through different stages and the stack and tooling makes sense to also change from one stage to another.

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    Nothing can beat the iteration speed of https://observablehq.com/ . A web hosted IDE which is inline with the view, supporting partial recompilation, so you can code live on the product without losing state all without installing tooling!

    You can build SaaS with it https://observablehq.com/@tomlarkworthy/saas-tutorial

    1. 2

      Didn't know about observablehq it looks pretty sick, thanks for sharing!

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    I love how you use notion and super to build your website 🔥looks pretty doope

    I think iterating the product to get the best ui/ux is important, I personally feel comfortable using Gatsby and styled-components, iterating the code is not the fastest approach but it works for me

    Are you planning to migrate it to Gatsby or something else in some future?

    You just make me want to create a webpage using your stack!!

    1. 1

      Haha that's really cool to hear man! My plan is to move to GatsbyJS once I have a good reason to do it. Right now my main issues with super.so are the navigation between pages and the fact I cannot embed forms and modals properly.

      Once I reach the stage where these things create more value than the one that get from super.so I ll drop it and move to the next phase with Gatsby :)

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    Hi would you like to consider my product meetup.link to offer your 1-1 UX coaching? I and my team are also adding multiple features.

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