Standup 02/26/2020

What will you accomplish by end of February?

  • Release first game for Ahab Games
  • Finish v1 of market data project OSHdata
  • Prep to launch physical goods product in March

What did you do yesterday to work toward your goal?

  • Set up tailwindcss for OSHdata site and got base styling in place

What will you do today?

  • Continue working on OSHdata site styling
  1. 1

    How's the February launch for the game looking?

    1. 1

      That is one learning experience so far on being self-employed. I made those goals when finding consulting work was going very slow. It has picked up since then and so now those goals have become much less realistic. They'll definitely be paired down next month but am also continuing to work on the games and the physical products.

      1. 1

        Oh well that’s awesome that consulting work picked up!

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