Daily Stand-up September 27, 2020

Standup #3

Michael Needle @mikeneedle

Yesterday I completed most of the final design work for the Artwerks.io demo page, but came across a rather large and disappointing discovery - uploading persistent images/files to Heroku via an app isn't possible, and since that is what I'm running the site on, I need a work around.

Fortunately it only took 4-5 hours of debugging and searching to figure it out (doh!).

Today I plan to:

  1. Implement the AWS solution to store images that users upload so they are available to my app hosted on Heroku.

  2. Finish the front end design so that the images display properly on both desktop and mobile.

  3. Upload the first 50 pieces of art to the demo so that it is functional

  1. 2

    Take a look at Render.com, they do offer persistent storage for their PaaS.

  2. 1

    Thanks! I did get the AWS option up before I saw this, but will still take a look to compare options. It'd be nice to have it all in one place.

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