Standup - March 25th, 2020

A lot of time this week going to getting my son setup for learning at home. Things are starting to click but taking time.

What will you accomplish by end of March?
✓ Release v1 of OSHdata

  • Make 2 quick video games through tutorials or experimenting
  • Prep to launch physical goods product - one-off and small-run desk accessories

What did you do yesterday to work toward your goal?

  • Continue digging through CircuitPython

What will you do today?

  • Continue digging through CircuitPython and prototype Pomodoro tracker with an Adafruit Clue
  1. 1

    Hi Steven,
    I'm also working on learning CircuitPython for a Project.
    It'd be great to keep in contact if you're keen.
    I just followed you.

  2. 1

    Is it wrong that I want to know how old your son is and what you've done to set him up for learning at home? :)

    1. 1

      Luckily our school district already had quite a lot of online learning resources available before schools shut down. So he's been spending quite a bit of time on that and some quick projects like messing with Scratch.

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