Started a Tech YouTube channel

Hi all,
I know this probably isn’t a big thing to most of you guys who have started running a business but recently I started a YouTube channel. Now I know that YouTube channels are common now and to become successful is a massive amount of work but for me it’s simpler than that.
I’m a person who’s always struggled with other peoples opinion. I always second guess myself, wondering what people might think or might be saying and, although I’ve been wanting to blog and do YouTube for a while now (at least 3 years), it’s been these thoughts that stopped me from doing it.
However, I’ve been blogging for around a month now and just releases my first few YouTube videos last weekend and, honestly, it’s been the most freeing thing that I’ve done. Sure the quality may not be the best and there might be one too many “erms” and pauses in there but I’m quite happy with the end result.

I think what I’m trying to say is don’t let your own thoughts put you down, don’t think you’re not capable before you’ve even tried. You’re probably a lot more capable than you think!!

So I welcome all critique and hope you guys help me improve even more. Here’s a link, go nuts 😊


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    A launch is a launch, whether it's youtuber or a product. So congrats on your Launch!

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      @madebyAyan Spot on. Most people never launch so @scottywalker92 - your already +1 on most people 😊

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      Thanks, it’s appreciated 😊

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    Congrats on the YT launch @scottywalker92, putting yourself out there is not a small thing 💪. Probably 99% of people will only ever consume content and never create anything themselves – so you're already in the 1%.

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