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To build the audience for my startup HireTheVerified-

I have started writing a blog related to freelancing on the medium.

Here is the link- https://hiretheverified.medium.com/

Let me know if you guys have any suggestions.

My Questions-

  1. Should I purchase the membership of medium, in-hope paid membership owner's content distribute to more people by the medium?
  2. How to distribute the blog so as to reaches more users specifically my target audience i.e. freelancers, the business owners? I am currently sharing on my personal Linkedin, Twitter, and posting in some subreddits.
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    Fully agree with what @betakrea said: if you fully rely on Medium, it'll be hard to own that audience in the long-term.

    I'd just create the blog on Wordpress/Webflow, and then re-post on Medium using the import tool or their Wordpress plug-in: read about that here.

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    Hi Ankur,
    the first thing that comes up in my mind is that you should set up your own domain with Medium or use just WordPress. At the moment whatever you do goes on Medium not only in terms of data but also with the domain name. Once you reach a relevant audience, moving to your domain name would be challenging.

    My advice is: start well with your own domain, if you can use a sub-folder rather than a sub domain.

    Hope this helps,

    Update: I see that Medium doesn't allow this at the moment, just change platform:

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