Starting a new thing

Ever since I was a kid, sneaking my parent's laptop into my room to watch NigaHiga, I've been obsessed with creators. I didn't grow up watching Netflix, Hulu, cable TV. I grew up watching Youtube and Twitch. Creators were and still are a big part of my life. So now I've decided to start building a new business to help creators monetize better.

I'm starting with a crazy idea I've had for a bit. Making a marketplace for NFTs of TikTok sounds. Today TikTok pays sound creators nothing and yet they're the biggest drivers of content on the platform. My theory is that sound creators like the "Tell me you __ with telling me you do __" person can create an NFT of their sound and sell it in an open marketplace for good money and earn royalties down the line on future sales.

I'm super early to this idea. I have to start talking to creators before I build it. In that spirit, my goal is to talk to at least 1 creator in the next 7 days about how they monetize their TikTok, if at all, and what their pain points are. I plan on writing cold emails, cold DMs, and posting on TikTok to find leads. On the side, I'm going to teach myself web3. I come from a traditional web2 software background at a big social media company so this space is entirely new to me.

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    Pretty decent idea worth testing out. Might take some years for the market to actually catch up though.

    One thing though: i think you have one wrong assumption on the monetization, but let‘s see. I just think that creators are not the right people to talk to about monetization in this stage. But keep me updated, interested to see where you‘re heading with this.

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    Do talk to them
    I'm not sure the small sound sample is monotisable by itself for various reasons
    But I'm sure if you talk to a few you'll learn what is

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      Yeah definitely - I'm going in with an open mind. Going to learn about how monetization works today and how we can do better.

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    Good luck! I like how you're taking action.

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      Thanks! I'm new to this community (been lurking around for a year) but plan on posting about it on this profile daily to hold me accountable

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