Starting a newsletter where I'll build things completely in public!

Hi there! I'm leits.

I'm starting to make a public journal where I think aloud and share what I learned while making stuff (mostly software and around):


Behind my back are seven years in software engineering. During this time, I saw many products from the inside. Launched and scaled a big bunch of them. Made many great and some not the best architectural decisions.

The thing I learned well over that time:

There is no right way to make new stuff

Every time you start doing something new, you move by trial and error. It's quite healthy to master new skills and build your own opinion.

I already have experience in building things in public.

In early 2020, when I had a lot of meetings, I created MeetingBar to be more comfortable with them. I published this project, and now it has 17K+ installations. The public codebase on GitHub gathered 1.8K stars and 20 contributors.

I realized that my experience in building and running projects can be useful. Or just interesting for someone.

Now I'm working on an analytics service for the open-source community. In this place, I'll share my trials and errors on how I make stuff.

If you are interested, subscribe here:

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