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Anyone has experience starting an agency? I'm starting a remote-first agency for mobile/web app development (React (Native), Node.js) called CodeFromAnywhere.com. The idea is to travel the world together while taking on freelance projects in the big cities we go, and going on adventures in other places.

Would be cool to connect with other agency founders!

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    👋 Hey Wijnand.
    Congrats on deciding to start an agency.

    From my experience, before you get started you should have some sort of project management software in place. The number one mistake I see is when people overlook this at the start, and then search for a solution only after its gotten out of hand.

    There are many options out there, but it's all about what works along side your way of working.
    I ended up making made a custom one in Notion that's fairly robust and incorporates best practices from other services.
    If you're interested in knowing more, don't hesitate to reach out.

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    We've been set up as a remote-first agency since 2008 well before the term 'Digital Nomad' was ever invented. Happy to chat about the steps we took.

    FYI, I'm unable to view your site getting the following error:

    Malware and Phishing
    This site is blocked because it is a known security threat. Please contact your network administrator to gain access.

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      Wow! Would be nice to talk.
      And about the error: I contacted support for my site but we can't figure it out. You're the first who reports this kind of thing. Bought the domain last week. Might be an issue with 'scareware' or something else.

      How can I reach you?

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        Hey Wijnand, sent you a Linkedin connect. ;)

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    I have my freelance website, not sure what's the difference between that and an agency. Reach out if you'll ever need a help with Angular projects :) igorstencel.com

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      What I mean by agency is a group of people (freelancers in my case) working together on multiple projects for clients

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        But right now I didn't partner up with anyone yet, I'm talking with ±5 interested people, so right now we are both solo so the same haha.

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    I started Around25.com over 15 years ago as a small cutting edge web development agency. We stayed local for a long time, but for a year now we’ve been focused on going remote first and we make a lot of steps in that direction. I would be happy to chat about it.

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    I started dinem.co.uk ... web agency, happy to chat

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    Yes, I started https://kokoen.net six years ago. It is also a mobile/web and app development agency in Germany. DM me, may be we can collaborate.

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      I will contact you

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    Good luck to you Wijnand! - Venkat

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