Starting out small again!

I've been building applications during my free time for a while. Have pushed out a few. Some complete and few in prototype stages. An example being Bezie (https://www.bezie-app.com/).

Recently noticed that as time passes, if the initial idea is too big like in case of Bezie, I tend to get demotivated a bit. This is either due to lack of visible leaps in the product's features from customer's view point or due to monotonicity of working on the same code base / product for months in stretch.

And so to crank things up a notch, have come up with an idea to push out small useful tools while building them in public. As a start, my first tool along these line is a web app to recolor svg images.

A tool with a very simple and straightforward usecase - Users should be able to upload any svg file. Customize the colors on the svg files with color palette of their choice in a click.

Although many websites provide illustrations in svg format, they provide little to no customization options. This app would help customize the illustrations with colors that suit the user's needs with an easy-to-use interface.

Hoping to get this recoloring tool up and running in a weeks time. That would be a big win after a long while!

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    I have been practicing this habit recently. Not only I shipped the application fast, but also I gain the satisfaction of shipping something out to the wild.

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      Definitely @staticmaker! Glad to know. I'm hoping to get the same kind of motivation.

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