Design and UX November 20, 2020

Starting up? Need a logo? Free? Why Not!

Kamanashish Roy @kamanashish

Hey all,

I have taken up a challenge to design 1 logo every week. Now, thinking - why waste the time! Why not get the design brief from you and at the end give it to you for free (If you like it obviously) .

So, what would I require from you?

  1. Company name / App Name & Slogan!
  2. Short Write-up on what your company / app does!
  3. Target Audience, Country, Age Group
  4. Some sample logos that you like (will help me understand your personality)
  5. Color Scheme (If you have a preference)
  6. Anything else, that you might be interested to highlight.

What you will get?

  1. The final logo in PNG + JPG + AI + PDF

That's it.. Possible timeline - 1 Week.

Here is a quick look at some of my designs - (yes, I know - need to publish more there.)

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    Hey Kamanashish! Little bit late to the party, but if you're still doing this every Sunday would love to see what you would come up with. Currently our logo is fairly simple but also basic, We like the simplicity (and I can tell you enjoy minimalism in logos too) so I'm excited to see what you make! Here's our page:

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      Sure thing - but may be a little late. Already blocked for this Sunday - But will definitely like to do it.


      1. 1

        Great! I'm in no rush, the website contains the definition of our product and slogan, our customer audience is ecommerce sellers. Our main brand colour is #07a3f0 as you'll see by the page, with small accents of gunmetal and blue munsell.

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    @kamanashish Think I might be a bit late to the game here, but are you still doing logo designs? I'm in need for one for:

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        Wow! Thanks so much! This is fantastic :)

        1. 2

          Glad that you liked it :)
          What about give a vote to this thread?

    1. 1

      Not late at all - I will be doing it every Sunday at least..

      Share your details please.

      1. 1

        Awesome, thanks!

        1. The User Interview Exchange - give a user interview, get a user interview
        2. Helps UX researchers and founders find users in their target market to do user interviews with. A user interview is when an interviewer asks an interviewee general questions about how they accomplish tasks to better understand the needs of their target market and how their target market solves a problem today. An example of a user interview question is, "tell me about the last time you designed a logo for someone you did not know?"
        3. UX researchers and founders in small software companies
        4. n/a
        5. My website has the blue that I use everywhere, it's monochrome:
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      This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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    What is your email to post "order"? :)

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      Sure ... please send your requirements to [email protected]

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    This is really awesome man, I already have my company but our logo is kind of shit

    1. Purple Cookie Company - We don't have a slogan
    2. Purple Cookie Company makes the best and biggest cookies you will find anywhere and we ship them directly to your door.
    3. USA, 22-40
    4. We have a logo on our website
    5. Purple #3b2063
    6. Nope

    Thanks a ton man!

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      Buddy - send me some more details on your USP - need some more details - unable to come up with a logo for you :(

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    First off, this is really generous of you. I would really appreciate you taking a stab at something for me.

    1. Fair Interview - Run consistenly fair and unbiased interviews
    2. Basically, it's a SaaS platform for building, running and tracking data on interviews.
    3. B2B, Starting with the major English speaking markets + Japan
    4. Lattice, Amazon, Waveapps
    5. Site is mostly white with gray and blue - reach out for a CSS snippet with my color schemes hex codes.
    6. Looking for something that I can pull into after effects and animate a bit (whether that's a spin, or zoom, or some other effect) to use on places like ProductHunt.

    Website is not yet launched.

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    Thank you and I love your work in Dribbble. It would be awesome to see your work for my project.

    1. Dailynewsound - stay informed with ease/sound (this is work in progress)
    2. Dailynewsound is a free application that provides text-to-speech content to anyone. Our aim is to help users reduce the use of social media while keeping up to date on topics that they are only interested in. It could also be a tool for people with visual impairment and also, a means to add real-life human voice to video.
    3. US, Canada, and any country actually, People with visual impairment (e.g. elders), open to all age groups
    4. Mozilla Firefox (blue version), Game of thrones (lettering), Tiger beer, chameleon on a branch, Starbucks, or something that would fit.
    5. Purple+green, blue+black, or something that seems fit.

    You may check the site to get a clearer picture of overall impact/impression (so far) to give you a design idea. You can also give me advice on the product itself; I'm still open to any big change:

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      Loved your idea - simple and effective - Not just for visually impaired - can also be a good solution for on the move people..

      Here is your logo - News Archive + Audio (Check the second page of the PDF file)

      Hope you like it :)

      **Download here:

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        I think your design is onpoint and makes a lot of sense once the users derive the meaning of the objects you've combined. I like the overall design and I would understand that this is free and would need further discussion with my teammate which by the way, found the logo relevant to the purpose of the product as he is a highly logical developer. Thank you very much for the time and effort! This is definitely one of the logos that we'll choose from.

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          Let know if you need any changes. Would definitely try to help (Hopefully not too much of works) ...
          Else mail me at [email protected]

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          This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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    Thank you for this. I have a product and logo design is not really my forte.

    1. Markie - Intelligent Bookmarking For Everyone -
    2. Markie is a browser extension that automatically categorizes the pages you bookmark to organize them better. Also, markie features a bookmark recommendation system so that you don't forget about relevant bookmarks.
    3. Anyone who uses bookmarks.
    1. Purple - #6030e1 or any other shade you like. Needs to be purple.
    2. The icon/logo needs to be on the chrome browser toolbar - so it needs good visibility. So preferably something like intercom, it's a rounded square.

    Thanks once again for the kind offer.

    1. 1

      Sounds interesting - Will start

      1. 1

        Wow, this is a huge upgrade from my current logo. I'll take it. Can I get the SVG please? Thanks a ton man! :)

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    Wow, would love to submit my product:

    2. Creates custom chatbots that talk to your website visitors and turn them into paying customers.
    3. Small businesses and SaaS companies that need to engage with website visitors
    4. Not quite sure, but I like a colorful logo like Slack, Monday, Airtable. I found which is letter F, but I'm not quite sure about it.
    5. Probably 3 or 4 colors, same as Slack or brighter
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      Your logo is coming out awesome (At least I feel so.. )
      Don't feel like giving out free :D


      1. 1

        I can't imagine the final result yet. Let's see how it would look like after coloring it.

          1. 1

            Thanks. I appreciate it.

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    1. High Viz - The jobs board for trades
    2. High Viz is a jobs board for trades, construction, and labour jobs.
    3. Job seekers and employers in the construction and trades industry, in Canada (to start). Ages 18-60.
    4. I like clean logos. Here is another of my sites (logo in top left corner). Something construction incorporated into the logo would be cool, like an orange pylon, crane, hardhat, etc.
    5. Primary Orange - Secondary Blue
    6. Here is the current live website:
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        Thanks alot! I really appreciate it!

        Just some feedback - The red and purple you used doesn't really fit my "Orange and Blue" colour scheme.

        Also, the font is kind of hard to read. I read it as "High Vix" the first time.

        I really like the actual icon of the hard hat though. If it was in orange/blue and with a different font would love to use it on the website!

    1. 1

      Cool - lets get on it..

      BTW, Do you have plans to expand to other countries? The reason for asking - the Canada icon (leaf) / or as such other icons, can be a add on part to the core logo.

      1. 1

        Long term, I do have plans to expand to other countries, but for now it is just Canada, so let's keep the leaf in as a core part!

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