Startup Circle next: founders of Hotjar, Close.io and Tinfoil.

Hey founders, if you’re building a SaaS, don’t miss these sessions:

Michael Borohovski is the co-founder of Tinfoil Security, real time security reports pushed directly into developers’ workflow.

Michael employed different types of MVPs to test his idea. He’ll guide you in many areas whether it’s product development, pricing, hiring, sales or early stage validation.

Michael will be live Thursday at 3 pm US Central.

Founder of the marketing platform Hotjar, David Darmanin, is going to answer your growth questions including picking the right metrics and running tests that provide actionable data.

Join David on Friday at 11 am US Central.

If you’re consulting or running a SaaS, Steli Efti, founder of Close, has done both. Once again, if you’re building a SaaS, Steli is a reference and will have some insights you don’t want to miss.

Plus, it’s a great opportunity to connect with potential advisors, investors, partners, clients or co-founders.

If you’re interested in joining these live sessions, join Startup Circle at StartupCircle.co if you haven’t yet and then reply to the welcome email with the name of the guest expert(s) and "Indie Hackers". I’ll send you the invite shortly after.

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