Startup Dasboard - The no fuss dashboard

Hello fellow startup creators,

Being an entrepeneur and lauching a couple of products I found myself repeating the same flow each day:

  • Open Stripe Dashboard to check new subscriptions
  • Open Papertrail to quickly scan trough the logs for weird occurrences
  • Open Mailchimp and check the subscriber data
  • Open Google Analytics and check view data

Altough I could receive mail notifications and maybe automate some of them with Zapier and Airtable, I want to be able to acces the data at any time.

So I decide to build my own dashboard were I could quickly access and see my current data at a glance, no pretty analytics, just pure raw data at a moment in time.

During the build process I realize that this tool could also be usefull for my fellow entrepeneurs and startup creators. So I decided to share it with the world.

Initial funcionallities and integrations are based on my use case but after the Beta release, the roadmap is to improve it with more integrations.

You can check at the product page and signup for the early beta release at: https://startup-dashboard.softr.app/

My main goal is to provide a no fuss tool were you can easily check your daily data without being overwhelmed with graphics and numbers, a problem I see in some other dashboard tools out there.

Your feedback is welcome.

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