Startup growing way faster than I can handle - Hiring

Earlier this year I and my team started working on our product. It is a marketplace with the goal to provide equal opportunities to everyone with a phone.

We launched our MVP app with a bunch of our tested marketing techniques, and were blown away by the response. We had around 8000 users in just 2 days with a marketing spend of literally $12. It was like we found life! I had to close down the app so that we can relaunch with a great team

Now, I am hiring and raising money.

Raising Money-
We are in talks with multiple VCs to raise our seed.

Hiring -
Our vision is simple - Everyone with a mobile phone should have millions of opportunities. I am an economist with Micro as my focus, and think it is very possible for a team of 100 people to solve global poverty. Come join me on my mission and see a world where we are able to change the lives of over 7 billion people.

Location - Bay Area
Senior Android Developers. - Exp 3 Years +
Senior IOS Developers. - Exp 3 Years +
Senior MERN stack developers - Exp 3 Years+

About me - Software engineer- Economist - Immigrant- Indian Origin. Message me and we will start talking. English is my second language, and I know 5 languages!

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