Startup ideas can be validated only by those who need what we build

When I say it took nearly two years for needgap to reach 3500 users, There are those who tell me that I could have reached that much earlier if I had made startup ideas instead of problems as first class citizens.

They do have a point, Number of people who search for 'startup ideas' are exponentially higher than those who search for 'problem validation'.

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But, I'm doubling down on problems and here are my reasons,

needgap users have been validating problems by submitting a new post, validating startup ideas and Minimum Viable Product(MVP) by submitting a comment to the problem at needgap.

Having problem as first class citizen at needgap has ensured that those who are actually going to buy our product validate the problem, need-gap, startup idea, MVP and not a bunch of people in a closed forum who have nothing do with it.

Hence minimalism has been the core attribute of needgap, Anyone who searches for a solution to their problem reaches needgap directly to the respective problem thread without having to go through a dozen account walls, Without having to fill out their life history.

There's a false pretext being created in the 'startup ideas' industry that somehow the ideas which are behind the paywalls are pristine and are magically going to make millionaires.

I built a platform to be welcoming, usable by not only by those who build stuff but also by those who need them.

needgap Ideator plan monthly insights

This has directly resulted in higher conversions for those who have posted their products in the comments to a particular problem, As people who come to the problem on needgap by searching for a solution on Google checkout the products listed in the comments directly, in most cases they don't even know what needgap is and that's alright!

That's why even though there are only about 3500 registered users at needgap, Almost same amount of unregistered users visit needgap every single day.

Features like 'I WILL PAY FOR THAT' has nearly no friction that those who will buy our product can easily validate our startup idea or Minimum Viable Product.


Since real validation happens at needgap, I was able to build monetization by
offering valuable insights about a problem like How many have visited the problem thread, Which are the top 3 countries they're from which are crucial for deciding where the market for a need-gap exists, How many will pay for that 'startup idea' or 'MVP', Monthly insights providing trending need-gap, Statistics for our subscribed need-gaps and Exclusive tools for presenting that startup idea or MVP in the comments.

Without having to put mind-numbing, attention siphoning advertisements.

needgap insights

Thank you for reading, What do you feel about my arguments for having problems as first class citizen at needgap? Would you consider validating problems first instead of searching for that startup idea?

Tell startup idea one more time

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