Startups DO NOT need a full time CFO!

Hi everyone!

I’m building a platform to help startups and small and medium businesses to navigate the ecosystem of hiring a virtual/fractional CFO services.

Having served as a CFO of startups, and having worked as a investment banker for over a decade now, I firmly believe that startups and SMBs do not need a full time CFO and I'll build the platform to explain why and how I think a finance department should be run according to each segment, phase and goals of each company.

Now I want to help as many entrepreneurs to decide which service they need to assist on management of their business finances going across bookkeeping and tax compliance, to strategic finance and fundraising.

And with so many virtual/fractional CFO service providers coming into the market, I want to built an independent opinion source to assist business owners on how to decide which service provider is the right one for them.

Having said that, it would be great to have a feedback from this community on the following pool to focus the content and product development for our platform in the upcoming weeks:

What would be the most valuable-easy win product you to assist on the process of hiring a CFO?
  1. I'm a nerd! Give me the full content! a.k.a. Long-format and structured courses
  2. I don't have time to this back office thing. a.k.a. Small bites of content: quick-wins articles
  3. I know enough finance but I need tools to automate it! a.k.a. sheet tools, models and checklists
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