Steal My Process Of Creating A Newsletter Landing Page

To grow your newsletter, you need:

  • Traffic
  • Conversion

But many people focus only on traffic and ignore the impact of conversion optimization.

👉 Here is a mini-guide to write a high-converting newsletter landing page.

Note: This is the same framework I’ve used to get over an 18% conversion rate for my newsletter sign-ups

💡 1. Start with a clear title


Make it: Short, relevant, and clear.

The subject line should help users to get a taste of what to expect.

💡 2. Add a short subheading

Add sub-heading

Don’t forget to explain what value your users will get when they sign up for your newsletter.

Make sure the offerings are relevant to your core audience.

💡 3. mention the benefits

benefits of the newsletter

What benefits will your users get from your upcoming emails?

Make the benefits relevant to your audience’s pain points.

💡 4. How often?

Is it:

  • Once/week?
  • Twice/week

frequency of sending emails

Whatever the frequency is, inform your audience.

If you don’t have any fixed timings yet, do it NOW. It makes a huge difference.

💡 5. Social proof

social proof

Instead of using a separate testimonial page, use the user’s feedback on the most important places.

Near the CTA is one of the best places to showcase your testimonial.

Now, it’s your turn

While chasing traffic, don’t forget to optimize the landing page for conversion.

Take some time and make the changes. Don’t forget to test the results.

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