Steve Procter is interested in doing interviews and talking to fellow founders and creators

I love chatting and giving advice and making it part of my day. So rock on up to my stall and say hi!

Like others who have books to promote, Saas tools to sell or newsletters for subscription, I also offer my time as a paid mentor, interim cofounder and mvp developer. If I just sat in my spare bedroom closed off to the world then I'd not expect to get much business.

All of these things we sell require us to be out there getting our name known, showing free samples of what we do and letting others get to know us a bit better.

It is all part of the Funnel Of Love. Get people to love you and they will fall into your sales funnel and that is how we attract business, whatever we're selling.

This is the end bit where I put my website so you can find out more. But hey, perhaps that is a bit obvious - you'll just have to click my profile ;-)

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