Stock/Crypto Backtest Dev

I’m looking for someone to help me create a bot and backtest crypto/stock strategies. I don’t think it would be too much work to implement. I’ve done the first leg of work. Open to paying someone to build it or you can help build this because you believe in the earnings it could generate - either way works. Thank you!

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    Hi Allen,

    What's your experience with trading/investing and development/coding?

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      Been trading for 1 year. Not a dev/coder. I hired someone to build a bot to gather and parse information. Now I'm looking for someone to help backtest and eventually build a bot for trading.

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        Thanks for the reply. I'm an experienced trader so I think our experiences are a bit misaligned. Good luck with the project though!

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    Hey, this is something I'm interesting in and have been working on something similar, could you kindly send me an email or DM on twitter to discuss further

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      Thanks for your message Victor. Sent you an email yesterday. Check your spam in case it went there by accident.

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    I am not a fit as i am fully booked with clients this year. But if that wasn‘t the case i‘d ssk you to explain more.

    What is the exact product you‘re trying to build?
    What have you done so far?
    What Should your partner bring to the table.

    Maybe it helps otherd as well, if you clarify it a bit better.

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      Thank you for your response and hopefully, it does bring in more interest. Currently, I have a list of unique data parsed in excel files that comes from a bot that I had created to gather specific information from Stocks and Cryptos.
      I have strategies developed for this data that has been gathered.
      I would like to hire or have someone partner with me to backtest these strategies in the market to see how they would do.
      If the strategies are successful, I would like to continue this process to hire/partner with someone to build a bot that enters and exits positions in the market based on the strategies that were backtested.
      Please let me know if there are more questions or if this becomes of interest to anyone.

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