Landing Page Feedback January 21, 2021

Stock Market Report - Let's hear the feedback!

Michael @dc12

Hey everyone!
Wanted to quickly share a project of mine, inspired by My First Million podcast a couple of episodes back. They discussed "spin-offs" of the Drudge Report and I decided to run with it being a web developer.
I created a "Drudge Report" for the stock market. If you really into the market, you are scouring all the different stock media and subreddits. Now it's all in one place for you.
I took links from Yahoo Finance, SeekingAlpha, Motley Fool, and more, and then the 'top' subreddits for stocks (wallstreetbets, stockmarket, robinhoodstocks, and more) and then lastly, each day
I grab the top 4 stocks mentioned in wallstreetbets and have them on an interactive graph.

I'm wondering if I am missing anything that people would also want on this page? Thanks!!

If you want to check it out, here's a link!

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