Stoked! Now need your help for naming the service 🙏 [POLL OPEN]

Thanks a lot for your kind words on my post. It got me super motivated. And I need your help 🙏

The service to provide subreddit analyses had a good success (5 analyses requested in 24 hours) - and I want to find it a name now.

  • The pitch: Don't build hoping for interest - Understand what your community talks about, appreciates, and ultimately wants. Request your subreddit analysis now. Nuggets promised!

  • Look at the poll below - select the one you think is the best, or select "Other" and give an alternative in the comments!

How should I name the service?
  1. reaaddit - Highlight business opportunities by reading subreddit for you
  2. wololo.io - Convert communities & Undig nuggets from subreddit
  3. Other
  1. 4

    Glad to hear this going well - and your analysis was awesome.

    With naming - I would like to suggest that you do not get too attached to reddit, so you could somehow offer similar analyses for other platforms.

    1. 2

      This is great advice. Although, in this specific case, I think @ben_cotte could start with a reddit-related name which is gonna help niching down quickly. Once the concept is proven and a decision to expand laterally is made, at that point a rebranding would be wiser.

      1. 2

        Yes thanks @typologist, I was thinking about this aswell. Maybe in a second time thinking about something more abstract.

    1. 1

      Thanks for your suggestions! Love them!

  2. 2

    Congrats mate! Five orders in 24h is dope.
    Are you focusing on a few verticals or doesn't matter?

    1. 1

      Not niching down yet - you can request an analysis on any subs.

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