🤩 Stoked to share with you the first success story - How analyzing r/learnprogramming made his tweet viral


  • Hossein asked for an unbundling report of r/learnprogramming
  • Tweets about unmet needs on mentoring
  • Hits outstanding performance with 400+ RT & 600+ Likes
  • Doubles follower count & created a lot of new opportunities

A nice story to share

Hossein is a dedicated senior backend developer. He creates content for other backend developers through his newsletter Boring Backend.

Like most of us, he wants to help out his community but finds it hard to increase his reach. Hossein subscribes to Community College online classes - a program dedicated to community creation. The teacher, Greg Isenberg, presents multiple proven frameworks to foster community-building. One of these techniques is to immerse in the community through Reddit.

Hossein is already part of these subs but is a bit reluctant as far as the effort to be part of these subs seems to be daunting compared to his impact.

That's when we meet.

I just completed a detailed analysis on r/surfing to understand how I could serve my fellow surfers. Hossein requests for the same analysis but on r/learnprogramming. It helps him better understand what resonates deeply within these Redditors. The signals become clearer. Sharing a proposition for mentoring looks blatant.

As a dedicated senior developer, Hossein has deep experience in mentoring junior devs. Even deeper. Hossein was introduced to Tech at 13 yo thanks to his mentor. His mentor passed out last year from cancer. Hossein finds a true mission in mentoring new developers. Back-end developers. Developers who wants to solve real problems with efficient architecture.

This is what drives him truly. Now, he realizes that this matches what his community wants. Hossein had just finished with a mentee. Hossein tweets the following for a new open seat:

In the end, the lesson is obvious. It is not about getting viral - it is about resonating with your community. Thanks, Captain Obvious - but good to keep in mind.

NB: Let's be humble, this is not entirely due to Unbundling Reddit analyses, of course. But, I am happy that somehow it helped 🤗

  1. 2

    I would be curious to see the analysis!

    1. 1

      At the time, the analysis report was a Google Sheet with pivot table...yummy. Now, I created the report on Google Data Studio - which makes them sexier!

      You should order one when you need it @gilly! You can order from the seats.unbundlingreddit.com page. The delay is a bit long since I still do it manually - but, I'd be happy to do one with you man!

  2. 1

    Nice share Ben. Could implement a couple of things from the analysis you done.

    1. 1

      Awesome @achyuthan! Glad to hear that 🙏

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