Stop Giving Out Your Phone Number and Email

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    Yes agree with your argument and I think we need to use fake phone numbers for sighnup and you can generate phone number on this page easily.

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    A great post every person should read! You people, have no control over what happens to your email and especially your phone number if you give it on the internet, dating apps, forums, and so on. It can be misused, transferred, put on a list, or sold. Once you give it out - you can't take it back. Online databases are routinely hacked to steal these lists and re-sell them. So my advice is to have a virtual phone number that isn't linked to your credit cards and other personal data. Phone numbers like those on https://usechalkboard.com/ . They can be used everywhere and with no fear.)

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    I wrote this article about the issues and solutions in Contact Info - they're very similar to the problems and solutions in Payment Tech. Let me know what you think!

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