Straight No to Bootstrap after Tailwind! Is it only me?

Worked on a Side project with Typescript + React + Tailwind instead of Bootstrap for the first time. I was blown at the end of the completion of Phase 1 of the tool.

  1. Speed of Execution of UI elements
  2. Ability to tweak and play with Design in seconds
  3. Steep learning curve
  4. Default Design elements and components are already 20 times better than bootstrap
  5. Responsiveness is handled in the most sophisticated way possible
  6. Sign of Relief with no use of !important any more
  7. Custom CSS was hardly there in the whole tool of 20 screens that too because of Custom Scrollbar and a Spinner keyframes.

Whatever frontend I know to work on, Bootstrap is coming out to be straight No by default. (No offense!)

Looking and working on any old projects, its like why need to work with bootstrap when we have a cool CSS framework named Tailwind to work with. It just feels like Bootstrap forgot to upgrade and move forward.

Tailwind has some Cons too but Pros are too much to handle over Bootstrap as of now. Let's see how it works out in next products.

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    I love getting sh*t done. Tailwind still isn't there yet. It is getting closer.

    If you google tailwind templates there are basically none. Compare that to Bootstrap which has a lot. This is because you can copy their JS.

    Every tailwind project has to recreate the wheel. Navbars, modals, tabs etc.

    Default Design elements and components are already 20 times better than bootstrap is that with TailwindUI?

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      Yeah, no templates present for tailwind. However, I have myself worked with bootstrap for more than 5 years and definitely a default choice to get things done better quickly.
      I was sharing my experience w.r.t creating a completely new project where you have a specific design system and elements. Bootstrap still requires lot of custom css to support a pre-made designs and ask for compromises here and there.
      With tailwind, it covers everything.

      1. 1

        Agreed if you have premade designs Tailwind is much better especially for complex design systems.

        Most indie hacker projects are for themselves and customers. Bootstrap currently is better for that but hoping it will change as Tailwind is very powerful.

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    I always found bootstrap way easier, because I simple use the default components it comes with. I don’t try to make things look nice, but rather just make it work:) With tailwind I was working on dashboard way longer for the same result, because there are no components, so I didn’t like it. But I had to use it, because Laravel (a PHP framework) started to only support tailwind and stopped using bootstrap .

    1. 3

      I'm with you! I'm used to copy/paste a component from Bootstrap. Tailwind took me a LOT longer to do BUT the finished products look a lot nicer than bootstrap.

    2. 1

      Yeah, it always boils down to the need of the hour.
      It was more about a tool being created from scratch when you get it designed by a Professional designer. If it was only about development, would always go for ready made templates + components and make them work as per the requirements.

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