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Hello all, my name is Luca - Founder, CEO & Software Engineer at EndorseFlow.

What is this all about?

EndorseFlow is a collaborative tool for creative teams, freelancers, and clients. The online software industry is forever evolving, with more and more people turning to online solutions to ease their team's workflow and efficiency, people within the creative content sector which handle many digital files such as images, videos, audio, and PDF - have one thing in common, they need feedback, and they need it in one place. You may view our site here - https://endorseflow.com

About the market sub-sector

Creative teams all over the world require feedback for their works in progress. Going back and forth via email or other communication channels such as Slack is not a viable solution. Things get messy and messages get lost. NOT GOOD!

Our Solution

So... what's our solution? Surely there are options out there right now? Well, yes, you'd be correct, but they are missing features that would benefit creative teams. Remember, competition is good, there is a market for this required tool, and the market is growing.

Our solution is a more streamlined, user-friendly approach to the problems at hand. Below are a few listed features/additions/changes that we have implemented in EndorseFlow.

  • With extra coverage on Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet applications - teams can access, create and review feedback on the go.
  • Competitive pricing, with more generous storage capacity and team seats
  • Soon to be more file types supported to cater to a wider range of creative team needs.
  • Better fine-tuned notifications for stakeholders and internals
  • Better control and security over share links for your clients. (Just internal work and all your reviewers are in the team? No worries, access is secured via your authentication as a user of our platform. No need to create any share links for external stakeholders)
  • More to share at a later date :)

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Why not help us out when we're ready to open to beta? Signup for our beta list and newsletter. No spam or frequent emailing. This helps us a lot and would give us a better understanding of our user base.

Go ahead, signup - https://endorseflow.com

Thank you

If you got this far, thank you for reading - I enjoy writing just as much as I enjoy programming (I guess you have to since programming is using the keyboard 9+ hours a day). I welcome you to follow me here, or over on Twitter.

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