Strip your landing page down to the essentials to increase your opt-in rate

Remove everything from your landing page that isn't essential to increase your opt-in rate.

Brian Kidwell and Scott Keyes of Scott's Cheap Flights ($320,000/mo) are getting a whopping 30-40% of new visitors to sign up for emails, and they did this in part by stripping their website down to the essentials. First, they turned the original home page into a formal landing page, adding one consistent call-to-action throughout and removing anything that could distract a person from signing up — including the menu and sharing buttons. Then, they added everything that would help visitors make a decision about the service, like a clear value proposition at the top, a "featured in" section, testimonials, past deals they've offered, etc. This systematic stripping of the website led to their stellar opt-in rate. If you need inspiration, here's a list of some good minimalist landing pages.

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