Stripe declines "do_not_honor". Anyone have any idea why these happen?

I just had a representative from a massive events company based in California try to sign up for Songbox and I saw 4 failed payments come in back to back. The decline code in stripe was "do_not_honor". This is very annoying I've seen this before with another individual who would have been very important to my business (a VERY famous musician).

There is absolutely no way that this company and this other individual don't have funds in their account, and Stripes support page for this error:


is useless.

Anyone have any insight?

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    "do_not_honor" (Stripe translation for decline code 05) is an inter-bank error code for "Don't acknowledge, but we can't tell you why" mostly used for risk management. Usually banks place hold on customers for several reasons, and the customers bank is quite literally the only entity who can give more information.

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    This is a general decline. The kind you get when you make a big purchase suddenly and you bank thinks maybe it could be fraudulent. Blame “the algorithm”.

    The bank can have any number of reasons for declining but the only way to know is to have the customer call their bank.

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    This happens because their bank declined it because they do not recognize your website - which is default by lots of banks.

    When this happens I ask the client to call their bank and ask them to allow payments to your website. It's not ideal I know, but it's the only way and usually my clients are happy to do it.

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    It'd be due to currency related error. The client's bank account may be restricted to only the currency of his provenance/home country.

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    Maybe it's because some of card issuers doesn't allows using their cards for some kind of transactions. For example if my company give you card for Travel industry, you won't be able to use it on online shop or other purpose.

    I hope there is someone who can confirm that as i am not expert on that...

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